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Akita Cendar

Atelier Andante

Distributed by Atelier Andante

〒010-0001 4-1-52-302  Nakadori, Akita-city




The wind blows from the ancient woods…

A delightful scent of the graceful forest

The bracing perfume that you get when you pluck a brunch, comes from terpen.

Terpen, the scent which you may take when you have a forest bath, is the substance of an essential oil.

“The Property and the Effect of a Cedar”

Amongst many kinds of terpen, the α-pinene has been used as an aromatic or a fragrance, because of its positive action upon relaxing, healing, and refreshing.

A cedar contains a lot of α-pinene, but the amount of the essential oil itself is less than that of a Japanese cypress, which makes its scent soft. Using the oil, you will feel as if you were in a brand new wooden house.

The medical name of a cedar, “Cryptomeria Japonica” means “Japanese hidden treasure”. Indeed its presence is rare.


“How to Use”

Please enjoy the flagrance by letting a piece of tissue paper absorb it, or by dripping just a few drops into your favorite diffusers, aroma pots, or water-filled washbasins.

Do not drink or put the undiluted solution on to you skin.

Please ventilate your room when you use it for many hours. Also, keep the bottle upwards and avoid the direct sunlight. Keep it away from the fire.

It will be best if it were used within around one year after being opened.

"The Message from Atelier Andante”

“Andante” is a musical term, which suggests a fairly slow tempo like as walking speed.

By extracting the fragrant components from the leaves of cedar, which were formerly abandoned, we realized the sixth industrialization.

By returning the expense to the mountain management, the forests are getting really taken care of, and the abandoned woods are getting reduced, making an ecosystem affluent.

By reassessing the sleeping resources in Akita and making an effort to coexist and live together with the nature, we are sure to provide you a comfortable mercy of the beautiful land.

Diatomite aroma diffuser tablets made in Kita Akita city

Placed onto a small dish,this diatomite aroma diffuser tablet absorbs water and oil quickly,enabling aroma of volatile essential oil to linger gently for long.

Akita prefecture boasts the largest amount of diatom deposit and production in Japan.

Choose your favorite color and shape.

Caution: Please avoid the friction.

What are diatomites ?

Originally they were diatoms that have contributed to the births of lives on earth by providing oxygen through photosynthesis.They deposit at the bottom of the sea, upthrust then turn into high-quality diatomites which are contained in our aroma diffuser tablets.

Lucky Daifuku (rice cake) shape

Appetising Macaron shape

Both are scent-free.

Drop and enjoy your favorite essential oil !

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